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Interview with The Tester

This will be my second and final post about that ridiculous show, The Tester. I can’t stand watching even one full episode, but Joystiq’s interview with the winner at least explains why someone might think it is a good idea to enter: A lot of gaming media (ourselves included) have given The Tester a lot […]

The Tester

I’m not sure what to think about Sony’s forthcoming reality show “The Tester“. On one hand, they’re mocking quality assurance by turning it into a competition. On the other hand they’ll hopefully get people to talk about testing issues and this is a rare public look into what is usually a secretive business.

Bugzilla, why can’t I select from a list of the most common people?

Bugzilla, why can’t I select from a list of the most common people to assign a bug to? Instead of that, I have to use my powers as a bugzilla admin to look through the user database and find the e-mail address of the person I want, since otherwise I might use the wrong one. […]

Quality of …?

There has been some really interesting discussion at two very different places recently regarding the quality of life issues for developers. I just wanted to point them out, because I think they’re important not just for developers, but for Quality Assurance personnel as well. I don’t think it is even possible to get a job […]

Wishlist: Bugzilla

Overall I want a lot from Bugzilla that it doesn’t deliver yet. Most of all, I want Google Gears support. Why? Because then I can edit/add to bugs when I’m offline and come back later and have it actually do the changes. It’ll make it more likely that I work through my bug lists instead […]

Where’s the Career Path?

One of the major downsides to quality assurance is the lack of a career advancement path. On a project nowadays, you may have forty to sixty temporary testers, after which maybe two or three are brought on as full-time testers.  In a department of forty to sixty full-time testers, you may have maybe five leads […]

Methods of Pest Control and Extermination: A Most Rousing and Revealing Study of Such Methods As Employed By Various and Diverse Cultures

My people have a saying: “Cate bordeie, atatea obiceie”; the rough translation of that would be that each household has its habits. I have witnessed the truth of that in my career as a game tester – truly each and every company I have worked for or with had its own approach to testing and […]

Intermission: Because Those Graphics Need Tightening Up.

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Poison Testers

We’ve all had them…those fellow employees who just suck the life out of any team, department or company that they are associated with. However, it can be difficult as a lead or manager to figure out whois the poison pill in a team because most of the time, employees will openly bitch about other employees […]